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Why I am NOT Vegan.

Why aren't I vegan? All "good" Seventh Day Adventists are vegan aren't they? 

How did I make the decision not to be vegan?

What are my reasons for choosing a lacto-ovo diet?

When I was in my early 20s I grappled with this question and got out my Strong's concordance and read everything I could find in the Bible on the topic. I needed to know if the Lord required me to be vegan and why I chose not to eat meat. I needed to own my choices and make them mine, not just what my parents had taught me. 

When I was growing up, and the topic of being vegan came up, which was pretty often because a lot of our friends and family were vegan, my Mommy would say "Been there, done that. It's not for us." My parents had been vegan for a time, before I was born. I had never questioned my parent's choice, that being vegan was not the best for our family.

When Edwin and I were getting to know each other we were already both on the same page concerning diet, so it was a …