Homemade toothpaste. First try, and why we stopped using it.

Toothpaste, a paste to cleanse your teeth. 

What do you require of your toothpaste?

I know fluoride is a controversial ingredient. I choose to avoid toothpaste with fluoride. We like the fancy, expensive, fluoride free toothpaste at the store. But yeah, it’s expensive.

On top of that, we realized the toothpaste that we were using had carrageenan as one of the ingredients. Yes, carrageenan is an all natural ingredient derived from seaweed. And I have no proof that it’s what was causing problems. But, we are trying to trouble shoot some health issues (major sticky phlegm….etc) that my husband has been dealing with for years. We tried no longer using soy milk that has carrageenan in it, and he did SO much better. I have NO idea why. 

So we decided to avoid carrageenan in our toothpaste as well.

Besides, I just like to make our own stuff when I can!

I read some blogs and watched some YouTube videos and came up with this recipe;

1/2 teaspoon baking soda
1 pinch salt
2 calcium, magnesium, zinc tablets crushed
2 Tablespoons bentonite clay
2 capsules charcoal powder emptied
1 Tablespoon Coconut oil
2 Tablespoons water
10 drops peppermint essential oil

Mix well.

At first I really liked this toothpaste. It made my mouth feel fresh and clean. 

Right away I realized that it seemed to get my teeth cleaner if I used more then I had been, on my toothbrush. 

I still liked it.

After about two weeks of using it, there were several spots on my gums, and inner lip that felt raw after brushing. ouch. It happened again the next day. 

Was I brushing too hard?

Was it too abrasive?

I stopped using it.

Now I am trying to decide which recipe to try next. Maybe I will try the one that uses arrow root powder!

Edwin tried this toothpaste once. He said it was gritty. Tasted like dirt, too earthy… He was also concerned that the bentonite clay would be too abrasive on his teeth.

Kathryn agreed with her Daddy. 

And with Hannah I was just too afraid that black charcoal would be everywhere… so I never even let Hannah try it. I think for that reason my next try will not have charcoal.

I will share our journey to finding a homemade toothpaste that our family likes. Surely I can come up with a recipe that we all like! 

Have you made toothpaste? If you have suggestions, please let me know. 

Here is a link to our First toothpaste Vlog on YouTube.


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