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5 FREE ways to tell your valentine "I Love You"

5 FREE ways to tell your valentine “I Love You”The best things in life are free they say. And it’s so true.  Having a husband is a gift from God. Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to make extra sure that he knows that he is loved. These ideas work for any lover, spouse, even for your children!
#1 Love notes.Last time I was with my family, one of my aunts brought out my grandmother’s wedding album. Both my grandparents have passed away now. It was like stepping back in time to turn the fragile pages and read the handwritten words. On one of the first pages there were neatly folded love letters carefully glued in. Conversing romantically was not allowed at the school my Grandparents were attending. So those sweet notes from my grandfather had been surreptitiously slipped into the pocket of my grandmother’s coat where it hung in the hall. Rather then spend $5 on a glittery card, write a surgery love note in your own words. It will have so much more meaning. Fold it with care and slip it …

Pumpkin "Butchering" Toddler Activity, Seed Saving and Tasting, Vlog #1

Why are pumpkins so fun?
If you have some pumpkins still sitting around from your fall decorations, I recommend this fun activity to do with your children. Don't let those pumpkins go to waste! Take advantage of their entertainment value!

And you get the bonus of free seeds to plant in the spring! Or to roast and enjoy. Or both! If the pumpkin that you saved seeds from happens to have been a hybrid, you will still get pumpkins if you plant the seeds. The pumpkins that you grow will likely be slightly different then the one you saved the seeds from. If that's a concern for you, make sure your pumpkin is an heirloom before saving the seeds.

I have found that when my kids help to prepare it, they are much more likely to be willing to taste it.

Here I share a step by step of how we "butcher" pumpkins.

Did you know that all pumpkins are edible? Yep, and nutritious! Check out Pumpkin Nook for more tasty info!

What about decretive gourds? Are they edible? Well there seems t…


Who is this Laura Davidson person?
Hi, I am me! ☺️ A 33 year old who loves spending time with family and trying new things! I am so glad you are here at we are always doing on the prairie, sometimes praying for a redo!
The Lord answered my prayers (and the prayers of many others) beyond my wildest dreams, when Edwin Davidson showed up “on my doorstep” when I was 25. We had a western themed wedding fall of 2011. 

The Lord has loaned to us two darling daughters for a few short years so we can prepare them for “launch” in His service. 
My family is the best! I had the happiest childhood. I was homeschooled, or maybe even un schooled. Whatever it was called, I am so thankful for the practical education and love for learning that my parents instilled in me! 

I love to create and DIM (do it myself, hmm doesn’t sound as nice as DIY, and I certainly don’t want to be dim haha. So, scratch that!) Come follow along on YouTube to see what I am up to, on my weekly vlogs! 

When I was a li…