Why I am NOT Vegan.

Why aren't I vegan? All "good" Seventh Day Adventists are vegan aren't they? 

How did I make the decision not to be vegan?

What are my reasons for choosing a lacto-ovo diet?

When I was in my early 20s I grappled with this question and got out my Strong's concordance and read everything I could find in the Bible on the topic. I needed to know if the Lord required me to be vegan and why I chose not to eat meat. I needed to own my choices and make them mine, not just what my parents had taught me. 

When I was growing up, and the topic of being vegan came up, which was pretty often because a lot of our friends and family were vegan, my Mommy would say "Been there, done that. It's not for us." My parents had been vegan for a time, before I was born. I had never questioned my parent's choice, that being vegan was not the best for our family.

When Edwin and I were getting to know each other we were already both on the same page concerning diet, so it was a …

Homemade toothpaste. First try, and why we stopped using it.

Toothpaste, a paste to cleanse your teeth. 
What do you require of your toothpaste?
I know fluoride is a controversial ingredient. I choose to avoid toothpaste with fluoride. We like the fancy, expensive, fluoride free toothpaste at the store. But yeah, it’s expensive.
On top of that, we realized the toothpaste that we were using had carrageenan as one of the ingredients. Yes, carrageenan is an all natural ingredient derived from seaweed. And I have no proof that it’s what was causing problems. But, we are trying to trouble shoot some health issues (major sticky phlegm….etc) that my husband has been dealing with for years. We tried no longer using soy milk that has carrageenan in it, and he did SO much better. I have NO idea why. 
So we decided to avoid carrageenan in our toothpaste as well.
Besides, I just like to make our own stuff when I can!

I read some blogs and watched some YouTube videos and came up with this recipe;
1/2 teaspoon baking soda 1 pinch salt 2 calcium, magnesium, zinc table…

Our favorite Kid's Library Books 2019

"The library and Pinterest are your best friends" she said when I asked a relative for homeschooling advise.

We have a LOT of children's books. The girl's book shelves are full and overflowing with books. "We can just read the books we have, we don't need to go to the library" I thought.

A few weeks ago a friend invited us to meet her at the library. We had so much fun. The girls were bringing me books asking me to read to them. They had fun playing with the play kitchen and giving puppet shows.

BUT I was horrified that a lot of the children's books did not uphold our family values. Or, they were just SO silly and fictional!

My sister takes her children to the library once a week. "How do you find good books!?" I asked her.

When we went to our local library to drop off the books that we had borrowed, I let the girls play for a few minutes while I looked at the children's books. I just went down a row and looked at every one. Usually I …